Brain Boosting FAQ

Q: What are ‘smart drugs or nootropics’, and what do they do?

For many years, it has been known, and proven, that our brains are able to be trained and intelligence elevated by utilizing our brain's ability for neuroplasticity - in other words, how it can reshape itself. This is especially true when it comes to learning and memory. Utilizing the natural power of neuroplasticity, we are able to increase cognitive abilities, enhance learning abilities and improve memory.

‘Smart drugs’ (also known as nootropics, or cognitive enhancers) have been around for years, and have been shown to increase cognitive capabilities and enhance brain function.

Depending on the benefits you wish to achieve, you will need to select the nootropic that will provide you with the cognitive enhancing benefits you’d like to see. The ingredients contained within the supplement are fundamental in achieving the correct results. Benefits that have been reported include the following: improved memory and concentration, increased focus and clarity, enhanced learning and motivation, longer attention span, energy boosting and mood lifting benefits, improved reasoning and logical thinking, elevated task performing, speed, and endurance.

The secret lies in the quality of ingredients contained within the supplement, that they are clinically proven and in the correct blend and dose.

Q: Do all cognitive energy enhancing supplements work?

Unfortunately, no. Many fly-by-night companies just ride these trends, manufacturing inferior products with the wrong ingredients and proportions. They often use cheap fillers and binders that can block the desired effects.

Q: What should I look for?

  • It must contain a dual action formula with ingredients that provide the body and brain with essential nutrients needed for ultimate brain optimization.
  • It must contain clinically proven ingredients such as Magnesium, Huperzine A, Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri), essential B Vitamins, Amino Acids (L-theanine & L-tyrosine), Gingko Biloba, and BioPerine®.
  • It must contain a natural form of caffeine (such as Guarana) in the correct dose for slow effective release and no side effects.

Q: What about safety? Are there side effects to watch out for?

From our research, we did not find any negative interactions between the ingredients we researched for booting brain health and other medications or conditions. However, we still recommend consulting with a doctor if you have an existing pre-existing medical condition or take medications on a regular basis. Also, pregnant or nursing women are advised not to take any supplements without doctor’s approval.

Q: How do I take a cognitive energy enhancing supplement?

Follow the manufacturer's guidelines. In general, most manufacturers suggest taking 2 tablets a day. As with any type of supplement, you should not exceed the daily dosage, since this can pose health risks.

Q: How long will it take to see the effects?

Some customers we spoke to reported feeling immediate relief. For others, it took a few hours for the full effects. Results seem to be a bit different for each person, but most people will experience results within a short period of time. Many of the reputable brands we reviewed offer refunds to customers who don’t see the results they want in any time frame.

Q: How much do cognitive energy enhancing products cost?

The cost varies based on the manufacturer. Many of them are worthless, just random companies with cheap quality products trying to cash in on the trend. Some of these companies sell their supplements for as much as $100 per bottle, which we think is a bit too high. Most of the really good supplements we tested fell in the $40-$50 range. Others may appear cheaper, but they often fail to contain clinically proven ingredients. Additionally, they may boast a high count of tablets per bottle, but the ingredient dosage is so low that you need to take more than two tablets a day, which reduces the one-month supply to, in some cases, two weeks!

Q: What’s the best cognitive energy enhancer brand to buy?

Each person will see different results with different products, so it’s hard to say offhand which is best. However, we particularly liked Research Verified Brain Booster. We found it to be the best of the 40+ products we researched, based on the product quality, customer feedback, and the company’s customer service.

You can experiment to see which product is right for you, but if you’re looking for a well-reviewed product you can count on, we think you’ll love Research Verified Brain Booster, a high-quality product at a fair price.

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